The founding attorney of the firm, Richard W. Lyons, was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1960 and has practiced in Miami since that time and until his retirement. Mr. Lyons received his Bachelor Degree from Northwestern University in Illinois. He then continued his education and was graduated from the School of Law at the University of Miami Coral Gables, Florida. Mr. Lyons has been active in the Real Property Section of the Florida Bar and served as a Circuit Representative to that body until he resigned in 1993 due to other obligations he had undertaken. Mr. Lyons was elected as Trustee of Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund, Inc., in 1986 and served in that capacity until mid 2013.  Mr. Lyons was further elected Chairman of the Board of Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund, Inc. in 1993. Mr. Lyons is fluent in Spanish as well as English and has studied Japanese. He has testified in the Circuit and County Courts of Dade County as a Real Estate Expert.


In addition to his legal career Mr. Lyons is actively engaged in a second career—-Horticulture. He is the president of Richard Lyons Nursery, Inc., specializing in rare and unusual tropical flowering trees and plants as well as fruit trees. He also grows and sells tropical fruit including lychees, Longan, jackfruit and carambola. Mr. Lyons is a member of  FNGA, Rare Flowering Tree Society, The Rare Fruit Council of South Florida, The Native Plant Society, and The Palm Society.



Of Counsel


Of Counsel to the firm, Gary V. Smith graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 1967 and from the University of Miami Law School with a Juris Doctor degree in 1970. Mr. Smith joined the firm at its inception and began practicing law with a heavy emphasis on Real Estate in 1970. Mr. Smith has handled thousands of  transactions over the last 30 years from the smallest house purchase to complex multimillion dollar commercial transactions.


In addition to his legal career, Mr. Smith has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the  National Bicycle League (The largest nonprofit Bicycle Motocross Sanctioning  body in the world) for over 20 years. Mr. Smith is also a member of the Board of Directors of  USACycling (the United States Olympic Committee’s arm governing all bicycle racing in the United States). Mr. Smith is also a licensed private pilot and an experienced sailor.


President and Senior Attorney


Mr. Lyons is the president and Senior Attorney of Lyons and Smith, P.A. and he joined the firm in 1998. Mr. Lyons received his Bachelor Degree in economics and finance from Barry University, School of Business. He then attended Nova Southeastern University, where he graduated from the School of  Law in 1997. In addition to practicing law, Mr. Lyons is the president of and an active Real Estate Broker with Lyons Realty Group, Inc.  Additionally, Mr. Lyons has served the City of Hollywood – Planning and Zoning Board.